Virgin Music is a full-service partner to the independent label and artist community.

Virgin Music is an artist-development focused, full label services and distribution company, providing commercial, radio promotion, marketing, synch/branding/licensing and digital marketing services. Our mission is to build and reach the largest possible audience for our developing and established artists and label partners, respectively.

As one of the largest independent distribution companies in the world, we offer global solutions with the patience, commitment, and experience needed to succeed in today’s music business. We are independent to the core and deeply understand the nuances of the independent artist community. As part of Capitol Music Group, we provide the resources and sophisticated analytical tools needed to push through the inherent barriers that many organizations in the independent community face, to take maximum advantage of opportunities created by the hard work of our artists, partners, and staff.


  • Physical Sales
  • Digital Sales
  • Playlist Pitching
  • Direct To Consumer
  • Synch/Licensing
  • Brand Partnerships
  • Channel Development
  • Global Coordination
  • Product Development


  • Project Management
  • Personalized Consumer Marketing
  • Digital/Online Marketing
  • Consumer Engagement/Email Marketing
  • Streaming Strategy
  • Radio Promotion
  • Consumer Analytics
  • Lifestyle Marketing
  • Sponsorships
  • Creative Services


  • Supply Chain Distribution
  • Royalty Accounting
  • Credit Collections
  • Production & Manufacturing
  • Digital Encoding
  • Web & App Development
  • D2C Store Build & Fulfillment
  • CRM Database Management
  • Anti-Piracy


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